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BayWa r.e.: A Leader in Ground-mounted Solar Plants

Turnkey solar PV plants from the pioneer of subsidy-free solar projects.

To overview

Our subsidy-free solar success

BayWa r.e. is a leader in subsidy-free solar projects. We developed the first subsidy-free utility-scale solar project in Europe - the 175 MWp installed capacity Don Rodrigo plant in Spain. 

We also pioneered subsidy-free solar in Poland. The Witnica solar park has a capacity of 64,6 MWp and achieved grid parity two years ahead of predictions by a 2016 Becquerel Institute study. 

The perfect balance of system integration 

System integration plays a key role in planning and developing solar plants. We work with reliable manufacturers who are experts in the photovoltaic sector. The standards set by our engineers guarantee the perfect integration of modules, inverters, cabling and substructures into the entire system.

Superior quality and increase in production thanks to certified processes

In 2016, BayWa r.e. was the first solar power company to receive a VDE compliance certificate for the installation of standardized photovoltaic plants. In 2019, TÜV Süd recognized our parent company for its pioneering efforts in quality and environmental management by awarding it ISO certification.

We’re experts in applying world-class standards and certified processes and have in-depth local knowledge of the Polish market. With all our projects, we aim to make the best use of land through area-specific system engineering and the implementation of innovative technologies. This is vital to ensure an increase in production over the long-term.

Lease your land

Every project is unique. We take care to structure each one according to your individual requirements.

Do you have suitable land? We are interested in:

  • All land with a minimum size of around 20 hectares or more
  • Land with high sunlight penetration (minimum shadows) 
  • Cropland in areas with poor soil 
  • Artificial bodies of water with a minimum size of 20 hectares
  • Former industrial sites

We offer a fixed rental income for the next 30 years!

    Mateusz Olędzki
    Ground-mounted PV
    BayWa r.e. Polska Sp. z o.o.
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