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Discover the Tailor-made Services We Offer to Plant Owners and Operators

As a full-service provider with global expertise, we know that sustainability and profitability are your priorities. We can offer all the services that wind or solar farm operators need to ensure these priorities are met. 

We are responsible for the technical and commercial management of wind and solar parks in more than 17 countries, with an output of over 10 GW, so are well-placed to provide you with the right package of services, tailored to meet your needs.

A dedicated project manager will handle everything that is required, and with the support of our 24.7 central control room that’s linked to all our local service teams, you can be sure your wind or solar farm will run smoothly and efficiently.

Overview of our services:

  • Full technical project management of your wind and photovoltaic parks
  • Operating data analysis, technical evaluation and ongoing reporting
  • 24/7 monitoring by our central control rooms located in EMEA, AMER and APAC regions
  • Dealing with warranty claims, insurance and damages claims on your behalf
  • Maintenance work, repairs and regular servicing 
  • Yield optimisation
  • HSE management
  • IT security and reliable system communications thanks to our in-house SCADA team
  • Commercial management, direct marketing, energy supplier and network operator interface
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