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Lease your Land and Secure a Second Source of Income

Be a part of the green energy transformation and gain additional income

To overview

Leasing land and artificial water reservoirs

Whether you are the owner of farmland, lands with poor quality soil, or lands previously dedicated to industrial use, your spare land can be used to build solar parks or wind farms. What is more, if you have unused, artificial bodies of water, you can also lease those to us for the construction of Floating-PV projects.

Agri-PV (Agriphotovoltaics: food and clean energy production in one area) and Floating-PV installations can help alleviate conflicts over land use and contribute to the success of the green energy revolution.

  • We lease land for renewable energy investments and accompanying infrastructure (cables routes etc.). 
  • We offer landowners high income from 30-year lease agreements.


BayWa r.e. will undertake all activities following the lease agreement: from project development to construction, commissioning and maintenance of the solar or wind plant. That means we also bear all the associated risks.

We are interested in:

  • Agricultural land with a minimum area of 10 hectares
  • Flat areas with plenty of sunlight (minimum shade)
  • Cropland in areas with poor soil (IV-VI soil class)
  • High wind areas
  • Former industrial sites with a minimum area of 10 hectares
  • Artificial, unused reservoirs (e.g. decommissioned mines, sand quarries, other artificial reservoirs, fish ponds) with a minimum area of 10 hectares
  • Land intended for cultivation crops (e.g. apples, berries), on which the cultivation system can be supported by an innovative Agri-PV solution (minimum area: approx. 3 ha)
  • Land close to high-voltage and medium-voltage networks

Benefits of leasing your land:

  • Rental income for the next 30 years
  • Additional income coming from potential extra services provided
  • In the case of Agri-PV: additional benefits in the form of protecting crops from hail, heavy rains, heat, and soil erosion
  • In the case of Floating-PV: unused artificial water reservoirs can generate additional revenue
  • Everything is covered and coordinated by us, from planning to operations.

We are active in the entire country 

We will help you verify your land capabilities. Our local experts can advise you on how to achieve the best return from your land. 

Contact BayWa r.e. and find out how you can make the best possible use of your land.

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