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Agri-PV: Generating Solar Power on Active Farmland

Producing renewable energy and agri-food products on a single piece of land

To overview

Agri-PV: a solution for addressing climate change

Agri-voltaics or Agri-PV is a method of combining primary agricultural production with secondary energy production. It is a unique way of creating beneficial synergies between agricultural activity and solar energy from the same land area.

At BayWa r.e., we are committed to preserving the earth’s natural resources and ensuring that soil quality for food production is not degraded in any way by our activities. This is evident in all that we do, and across many sectors. 

We want to make Polish agriculture more sustainable and help towards carbon emission reduction targets, and have developed a strategy that combines these goals.

The definitive solution for cultivating food while producing renewable energy

We have developed an innovative photovoltaic system that can be tailored to the needs of specific crops, such as vegetables, and wide range of fruits including berries.  

The use of semi-transparent solar panels ensures sufficient light reaches under the panels and creates good conditions for plant growth. Installed above the rows of crops, our panels protect plants from climatic variations while ensuring an optimal supply of light.

Although these specially-designed panels produce a lower energy yield than ordinary solar panels, they still provide ideal light output while offering maximum protection for the crops against weather extremes, excess sun, and heat. These elevated solar modules, when used in horticulture, allow for the easy and safe integration of irrigation systems, as well as improved temperature and ventilation between each row.

A well-designed substructure allows us to easily and safely integrate your wiring and irrigation system into the installation. Our solutions also allow the use of photovoltaic panels in rows that harmonize with the cultivation of the soil.

Our expertise

Do you want to combine the production of food and energy? We have the skills you need. Thanks to our network of specialists, you will benefit from our in-depth knowledge and support in all areas: 

  • Land needs analysis
  • Feasibility study
  • Agricultural diagnosis of the land
  • Agronomic, technical and economic feasibility
  • Agri-PV project planning
  • Administrative permits
  • Turnkey construction
  • Financing
  • Operation and maintenance.

Our team will offer you the most suitable solution for your crop(s).

An Agri-PV system offers several advantages for your farmland:

  • Protection of crops

    Crops are protected against extreme weather conditions

    The solar panels in our Agri-PV systems perfectly protect your crops against a range of weather such as hail, frost and drought. The solar panel transparency design means your crops can continue grow and benefit from the light.

  • Long-term climate resilience

    A long-term solution that saves time and money

    Agri-PV removes the need for materials such as plastic foils with which have a short lifespan and are adversely impacted by severe weather. 

    Our Agri-PV systems offer the same benefits as conventional protection systems but with a longer lifespan. They also allows farmers to significantly reduce costs associated with hail insurance.

  • Reduced leaf wetness periods

    Better ventilation reduces the risk of plants disease 

    Semi-enclosed Agri-PV systems provide good crop ventilation, reducing the risk of disease. 

  • Efficient water consumption

    Water savings

    The agri-voltaic system allows you to provide your crops with just the right amount of water. In addition, the shade afforded by the panels prevents water from evaporating from the soil and reduces plant perspiration.

  • Easier harvesting of crops

    The shade and ventilation provided by the solar panels help to lower the temperature underneath the panels, optimizing fruit crop management and facilitating harvests.

Watch this timelapse construction of our first Agri-PV fruit farm installation in The Netherlands

Do you have suitable land?

We are interested in:

  • Land used for the production of perennial and specialized crops such as stone fruits, berries or vegetables, where the cultivation system could be replaced by our innovative Agri-PV solutions.
  • Minimum area: approx. 3 ha.

Unique characteristics of the Agri-PV installation from BayWa r.e. 

Parallel use of land

Sustainable food and energy production on one piece of land. As a farmer, you can use valuable farmland without changing the original purpose or the quality of the area, also you get a profit from electricity generation.

Conserving natural resources

We preserve our natural resources and make sure there is fertile soil available for food production. As a farmer, you can benefit from Agri-PV due to less soil erosion due to wind and heavy rain protection.

Techno-ecological effects

We increase farmers’ resilience by facilitating their climate change adaptation and mitigation strategy. Agri-PV protects crops from hail and excess sunlight, and from excess evaporation of water from the plants and soil.


As a subsidiary of BayWa AG, we combine expertise in the field of agriculture with many years of experience in the planning, realisation and operational management of renewable energy projects for a range of applications.

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