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Make Us the Experts in your Field

Whatever your project – whether it’s a large-scale rooftop PV system, a ground-based installation or a Floating-PV development – we can be your trusted partner.  Whether it’s hybrid systems in the multi-megawatt range you have in mind, or renewable energy solutions for industry and commerce, we can take care of every stage, from planning and financing through to implementation.

Project rights can be purchased whatever the stage of development

If you are considering selling your project rights, then we could be just the partner you need. We buy project rights at all stages of development and have all the expertise that’s needed to successfully implement your project.

You could benefit from our world and market-leading experience in the development and implementation of solar projects, gained through working with municipalities, property owners and authorities.

Solar parks for investors – a turnkey solution

We handle everything that’s essential for successful project delivery – from design and detailed planning to construction and commissioning. Rely on our team of experienced project managers to make sure that your solar park meets quality standards, is built with longevity in mind and can operate in the most profitable range.

Witnica Solar Park – pioneering subsidy-free solar power in Poland

One-stop service to ensure long-term bank financing for your investment

We don’t just plan, design and build. BayWa r.e. can also manage all the contract and rights work that’s required for construction and operation of your project.  We deal with lease contracts, building permits and grid connection, as well as any technical and commercial plant management that’s required, and purchase the necessary insurance policies. With all this in place, your solar park can be covered by long-term bank financing.

Lease your land and secure a second source of income

If you have unused land or artificial bodies of water, you can lease them to us for the construction of solar plants. Our Agri-PV and Floating-PV systems can help you alleviate conflict over land use and contribute to the success of the green energy revolution. A leasing contract with BayWa r.e. allows you to benefit financially without making any investment yourself.

BayWa r.e. looks after everything from the project development to the maintenance of the finished solar plant and bears all the associated risk.

What we’re looking for:

  • All land with a minimum size of around 20 hectares or more
  • Cropland in areas with poor soil
  • Former industrial sites
  • Land with high sunlight penetration (minimum shadows) 
  • Artificial bodies of water with a minimum size of 20 hectares.

Renting out your land: the benefits

  • A fixed rental income for at least the next 30 years
  • If you agree to perform lawn or garden maintenance, you will earn additional income as a service provider
  • In the case of Agri-PV: Additional benefit when combined with growing crops as Agri-PV provides protection against hail, rain and sun exposure.

Power purchase agreements – an important element for new markets

As an energy-intensive company, you can act sustainably without installing your own solar power system. A power purchase agreement (PPA) means that we supply you with electricity generated by solar energy – either via a direct power line or virtually. BayWa r.e. has extensive expertise in the highly competitive PPA market, and the advantage of many years of collaboration with power purchasers, including both high-volume industrial consumers and utilities.

A service summary: 

  • Using PPAs, we enable projects to receive medium to long-term financing. 
  • We offer fixed or variable remuneration models – these are transparently based on energy markets.
  • Your yields are secured in the long terms thanks to our stable and financially strong parent company BayWa AG.
    Matthias Emminghaus
    Solar Projects Poland
    BayWa r.e. Polska Sp. z o.o.
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